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Key Workplace Solutions successfully assists employers of all sizes and industries to navigate workers compensation and ensure a positive and long term outcome for all parties involved through pro-activity and open communication.

Key Workplace Solutions believes in a tailored approach to managing workers compensation for each individual client dependent on their needs and requirements and that of their workforce.

We take into account workplace culture, organisational goals and direction to work with yourself and your staff to ensure a successful outcome.

Why Choose Us?

Key Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd was founded from a sincere passion to reduce risk in the workplace benefiting the employer and the employee.

We advocate for you as the employer to ensure that you are being supported and educated whilst navigating your chosen Workers Compensation Scheme.

We help businesses of all sizes, particularly Not for Profits and licenced venues (Pubs and Clubs), navigate the complexity of Workers Compensation, Injury Management, Work Health and Safety, Legislation and practice.


Finding the optimal approach in managing your Workers Compensation Claims or Work Health & Safety Goals for you and your employees through proactivity, communication, accountability and knowledge based technical and injury management experience. More importantly, we are here to listen, support and assist you whenever and wherever possible in your Workers Compensation and Work Health and Safety needs.


To create long lasting and productive relationships and results for our clients to meet the needs of your organisation, goals and workplace culture and grow with your business.


Transparency, advocacy and accountability are our core values which we strive to achieve in all aspects of our day to day business.

We have been with Key Workplace Solutions for a short period of time and could not be happier and glad we made the switch. We depend on their advice, extensive knowledge and experience. Simone has worked closely with the company at all times and ensures we always get the best outcome. We cannot recommend the services of Key Workplace Solutions highly enough.

Natasha – Human Resources Officer – Manufacturing and Construction Organisation

Even though I am an experienced and qualified RTW Co-ordinator there are some claims where I get a little out of my depth. This is where Simone steps in. Her background as a Nurse combined with her many years working for Brokers, gives her an in-depth knowledge of the iCare system. She helps me manage claims, organises rehab or Independent Medical Examinations and generally keeps iCare honest. She prevents claims from languishing as she has strong relationships with Insurers, Claims Managers and other allied healthcare providers. In addition, she assists with premium calculations and Insurer reviews. Simone is a gun. She is super responsive, lightening fast and a straight shooter. IF she thinks something is not being handled properly, she will address it immediately and concisely. I take her with me from Company to Company wherever I go because it is money well spent, she frees up so much of my time and gives me the confidence to question the system when required. I highly recommend Key Workplace Solutions and Simone.

Carolyn – Human Resources Officer – Liquor Distribution and Retail Organisation

Having a good understanding of workers compensation is critical to enable a business to make sound decisions around injury management. For many years now Simone has been a reliable source of advice and assistance to us in this area. Simone brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience and has been fundamental in assisting us in achieving positive results.

David – WH&S and Employee Relations Manager – Hardware, Building and Plumbing Supply Organisation

We appreciate the support and assistance from Key Workplace Solutions and Simone in particular, in ensuring that our employees recover safely and are supported throughout their return to work program.

Lauren – Residential Care Manager – Aged Care Organisation

Simone has a deep understanding of the workers compensation system and the respective implications it can have on your premium. She has proactively supported Relationships Australia NSW over the past two years to assist staff where workplace injuries occur to ensure that staff are supported whilst managing the premium impacts.

Sonia – Head of Finance – Not for Profit

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out who my workers compensation insurer is ?

Most Employers in NSW are insured via iCare and their claims are managed by Employers Mutual Ltd. This is unless you are with a specialist insurer such as Club Employers Mutual or Catholic Church Insurances. If you are based in an alternate state, your workers compensation regulator will have this information. Key Workplace Solutions are able to assist you with this process and make enquiries on your behalf.


How can Key Workplace Solutions support and assist me in the workers compensation process ?

Please refer to our Services Pages for more information as to how we can assist you with a  tailor made solution for your requirements.


What is a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity

A WorkCover Certificate of Capacity (WCCOC) is a medical certificate that is completed mostly by the Treating Doctor or Worker’s General Practitioner at the initial consultation and throughout the life of the claim.


How is my premium calculated ?

Your premium is calculated by using your wages and then multiplying this with your Industry Classification Code to provide you with your Average Performance Premium or Basic Tariff Premium.

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