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Who we are

Key Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd was founded from a sincere passion to reduce risk in the workplace benefiting the employer and the employee. We advocate for you as the employer to ensure that you are being supported and educated whilst navigating the NSW Workers Compensation scheme.

We help businesses of all sizes, particularly Not for Profits and licenced venues (Pubs and Clubs), navigate the complexity of Workers Compensation, Injury Management, Work Health and Safety, Legislation and practice. Key Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd is dedicated to identifying the best possible means for your business to achieve your goals


Our Mission & Values

We are committed to finding the optimal approach for you and your employees.  We take into account:

  • Your Organisational Culture.
  • Your Goals and Constraints.
  • Your Workplace Culture.

Simone is passionate about supporting and advocating for employers within the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme to achieve the best possible outcome. Simone brings a Bachelor of Nursing which separates her from other competitors in her ability to medically manage claims in a proactive and positive manner to ensure the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

In addition to a Bachelor in Nursing, Simone also holds qualifications in Cert IV Financial Services (General Insurance), Diploma Personal Injury Management (Workers Compensation), Cert IV and Diploma in Work Health and Safety, Diploma in Quality Auditing and General and Advanced Return to Work Accreditation in NSW. Allow Key Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd assist you with your workers compensation claims and culture to achieve optimal results for your organisation.

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Key Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd is available to assist you in any aspect on your Workers Compensation and Work, Health & Safety journey. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, advocacy and support for each client’s individual needs and goals. We believe that there is always room for improvement.

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